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Memoir Neckless

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Gold Plated + Zirconia
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To purchase and use our product, both the buyer and the receiver must have an iPhone.
Thickness: 1.4mm-1.5mm
Dimensions: 24mm x is 7mm
Material: Sterling Silver 0.925
Chain style: Cable Chain
Chain Length: Adjustable
Delivery takes 5-15 business days.
International shipping outside the U.S. takes 15-20 business days.

* 18K gold/rose gold takes up to 20 business days.

Check our Shipping, Reruns&Refund policy page for further information.

What Happens Next

Here's what happens once you complete your purchase!
1. We Ship Your Memoir Necklace
Once you complete the purchase, we’ll start working on your unique Memoir Necklace and will get it shipped as soon as it’s ready.
2. Embed your memory
Download the Memoir-story app and embed your unique video memory for your loved one.
3. Surprise your loved one!
Gift the Memoir Necklace to your loved one! Make sure your loved one has downloaded the app … Let them scan and leave them speechless!

When Attractive meets Interactive

Much like your loved ones, jewellery makes you feel unique, desired and confident in any situation. Memoir unites both to create an everlasting moment, treasured in a pendant.

Make their next gift eye-catching and heart-melting, with multiple designs and our patented engravement, holding your very own digital love note.

We believe this necklace will be as priceless as their expression when they’ll scan it.