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Upload video memories of your best moments to a beautiful piece of jewellery that is unique to each user.

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How it works

Choose a piece
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Upload your video memory
Embed your personal video using the Memoir-Story app
Let them scan and leave them speechless
Let your special someone scan their gift & discover your special video memory

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How the magic happens

Memoir is revolutionizing one of the oldest forms of gifting - Jewellery. We make Jewellery digital. Our patented technology combined with image recognition algorithms allows users to simply upload video memories of their best moments to a beautiful piece of jewellery and gift it to their loved ones, who by scanning their unique pattern reveal their secret video memory.

Our memoirs in the wild

Here are some clients' reviews that caught our eyes
"I made one for my mother with a clip of the family on it - she absolutely loved it!"

Rachel M.

"Ticks every box - it's cool, unique, personal and elegant"

Victoria P.

"Simply the most thoughtful gift my husband has ever given me"

Luisa S.

״... this was the best gift (so far) I ever gave my wife״

Mike W.

"Easy and effective way to make  jewellery even more special!"

Sophie M.

"..My girlfriend cried when she saw it the first time!"

Robert F.

"... unique, elegant and always brings a smile to my face when I scan it"

Kathie A.

"Hands down the best gift I ever gave my girlfriend on Valentine's day"

Ben W.

".. He really surprised me with the perfect anniversary gift!"

Diane C.

"Memoir is the easiest way to impress your loved ones!"

Adam S.


Our memoirs in the wild

Here are some clients' reviews that caught our eyes
By far the best gift I ever received from my boyfriend!
This the most perfect gift I could ever give to my mother.
By far the best gift I ever received from my boyfriend!
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Questions? We got answers

How does Memoir work?

It's simple:
Step 1: Choose a necklace and leave your details and purchase the gift
Step 2: After payment you will receive a link to the Memoir App
Step 3: Open the app and whilst your necklace is on its journey to the receiver you can upload a unique video message
Step 4: Your unique piece will be delivered to the receiver, watch them scan their jewelry with the app and be blown away by your embedded memory

Can someone else scan my Memoir?

Only the registered number (i.e the receiver) and the person gifting the jewellery will be able to scan the necklace. We want your special moment to be private between you and the receiver.

What is the meaning of the pattern?

This pattern is unique and custom designed for your individual piece of jewlery. No other Memoir piece will have this pattern and it allows it to be uniquely read only by you and the receiver.

Can anyone else access or view the photos and videos I upload to my jewellery?

We take the security and confidentiality of our users' uploaded photos and videos seriously. We have implemented measures to safeguard against unauthorized access and use of this data. Our users maintain exclusive control over their uploaded content and with whom they share it. We will not disclose or share such content with any third party without their express consent.

Can I talk to someone?

Our dedicated team is always available for you to speak with. Please email info@memoir-story.com with your name, phone number, location and we will get back to you ASAP by phone. You can also use the chat bubble to contact immediately us during our operations hours.